Why Do People Fear Change?

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Different situations have different effect on us. Changes are the reason for thrill in our lives, but many people fear CHANGE. No matter how small a change is, sometimes it is hard for people to accept. Change in a relation due to distance can be felt but accepting that change only helps to build a stronger bond. Giving yourself rest from your routine and to step out and try something new is difficult but stepping out is worth a shot.

The worry in a change can be seen in people by observing them like a friend who is unsure about his future or the family member, when asked what to eat, stumbles and orders the same thing they ordered last 100 times. Moving from one place to another, leaving everything behind, is hard but sometimes embracing the odd situations may be rewarding. Changes are cheerful when handled optimistically. A man encounters an accident and becomes paralyzed forever, loses the hope to feel alive ever again, and fears: why anyone will ever love him and never tries to get involved with anyone, oddly has someone who falls for him. This falling of someone for him may be a good change or a bad one it all depends on how he would handle it. Life is short and doing same thing every day makes it boring, so if we want to enjoy it changes are must.

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People fear changes at first but as time passes they accept it and move on. Thinking changes when a child enters teenage and from teenage to adulthood. As we grow up we realize that for better opportunities we have to move, we realize the importance of taking chances. Trying new things everyday makes us love ourselves and love everything else. Experiences teach us that changes may lead to something better. Fearing something which is good for us is not right. I know we cannot judge how a change would affect us, but we can just let it be and accept it, that would be the best option. Changes bring freedom in our lives just like freedom brought huge changes in life of people living in countries like India or, moving onto a job that has very less scope but it’s the one you want to do is very challenging but at the end you are the one who feels happy because you are doing what you always wanted to do. When we set an aim and desperately want to achieve that aim but failing to achieve it shows our fear for trying. In a given moment we have two choices: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety. As it is said, “change is the only constant in life”.

I believe that permanence is an illusion and that everything lives in a process of constant changing as they say, “you can’t step into the same river twice”. Let’s just think about it – changes occur everywhere, in nature the change occurs on its own whereas we human beings have a choice for some changes. Changes occur physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Some people are cautious about them getting old, so they try various things to resist this change. But they try all these changes only to finally wither away in a state of nothingness. Some changes which are natural, if not handled correctly may lead to suffering and pain. It is so because nature has an order and that must be followed. To stay healthy people, leave unhealthy food and stick to a good routine – a good change. People willingly do things that can cause them harm or can give them pleasure. In this modern world, many people lead a monotonous life; they follow a routine and have no excitement in their lives. Living a monotonous life is not a healthy option, people fool themselves by believing that it is a happy life. They neglect things which could help in giving satisfaction to their inner- selves that is they fear spiritual changes. They give up their dreams and everything to live a boring monotonous life. Giving some rest to this monotonous life and doing something new would be exciting and cheerful. Sometimes acting on impulse and not thinking about consequences is not bad. Regret is the most awful thing a monotonous person suffers from. This regret may lead them into sadness. We human beings always look for easy way out. Acquiring the easy way may be beneficial for some time but in long term it gets worse because by getting our way out easily we are just escaping the reality.

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. So, moving from one place to another, leaving everything behind, could be hard but those odd situations could be rewarding in the near future.

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