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The Weakness and Distraction of Love

An argumentative dialogue between the Plowman and Death about their different perspective on each other. The main argument is about how the plowman blames and scolds for all the lives that he took while Death replies that human emotions are just weakness and what he...

The Weaknesses of McDonalds and Solution to Them

A company weakness is any resource or policy that a business lacks, however it must be succeed. First of all, the weakness of McDonald’s is being associated with unhealthy food image. When people talk about unhealthy food in general, fast-food chains like McDonald’s come to...

Overcoming Laziness as a Human Weakness

It is normal that most people have common weaknesses such as selfish, greedy, laziness, and jealous. They can bring people not only negative effects but also positive effects. It is thought that almost all students have the same enemy called laziness. Some of them overcome...

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