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Writing Assignment: Why I Adore Rain

Since my first rendezvous with dark, threatening clouds, I have been fascinated by the ethereal beads they shower. How the water droplets fall from the sky, as if the heavens are bestowing their blessing upon all of God’s creations – giving them an opportunity to…

The Dangerous Side Of Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are fun places for both parents and children to feel like they are just innocent little kids in a giant playground, just having a grand time. In some cases, that’s true, in some, it’s scary, especially since it’s also no secret that some…

Divine Role Of Excellence In Human Life

The small progress which is embellished with excellence and excellence is far more auspicious, welfare, great and desirable than the vast expansions that have been made by basing the worst measures. A little but excellent is a divine principle, which makes all the activities in…

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