Internship Report: What I Learned From This Experience

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Experience in my eyes is a very valuable things in life which give us value because it is not something that we can simply create, but needed us to be brave in taking risks and undergo through it to obtain. By doing my internship in an actual workplace, it helps me to know and discover myself from different angle. It also helps me to control and develop my attitude and behaviour in dealing with different kinds of people and situation.

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UCSI Co-Operative Education Programme are part of degree requirement for all degree student to complete which comprising 2 months of work experience for each year, from Year 1 through to Final Year. UCSI Co-Operative Education Programme provide an opportunity for UCSI students to gain industry exposure and knowledge as well as improve their skills for employability and career advancement.

I had applied for internship placement in Cheng Sim Huat (CSH) Bakery & Confectionery Sdn Bhd for duration of 2 months, with grateful and is an honour, I have been offered to conduct my internship in CSH with attached to Quality Control (QC) Department which is the field I have most interest and eager with. This internship allows me to apply knowledge and theories that I have in a real working life setting and learned practicality approach on dealing with a real world. Internship experience in CSH helps me expand my real-world experience in the food science with nutrition field and help me further develop my knowledge and skills. As Immanuel Kant once said, “Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” I had gain valuable work experience by completing my 1st internship in my life, the hands-on work experience I received is invaluable and cannot be obtained in a classroom setting. Even so, I had realised that I am still lacking as an individual and employee.

For me, exploring is an important part of life and also for university life. Internship help me explore my view and thinking about the working life and as well as broaden my horizons. My curiosity and inquisitive about work life and operation of a food industry is also been satisfy to some extent but not decrease. By completing my internship in CSH, I know more about myself especially for my strength and weaknesses as this internship allow me to have feedback and suggestion from my supervisors and others in this company. My supervisors always encourage me to ask question, not to be afraid, observe more to get myself maximum internship experiences. As an intern in CSH, I’m surrounded by professionals from different profession and specialty which provide me a lot of opportunity to learn from the people around me, ask questions and impress. As an intern in CSH, I have a chance to test out my knowledges and skills I learned in class and book before entering the real working world as an employee.

To conclude, I’m glad I grab this opportunity to apply what I have learned in a safe and tolerate environment where mistakes are expected and tolerated rather than directly learn by the hard way in first job after graduate with 0 experiences. I have definitely gained my confidences by do not afraid to make mistake, learning from mistake and embrace every mistake I make.  

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