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Forever Curtis Brothers vs. Foster Care

In the United States, there are 443,000 children who, instead of being safely reunified with their families, are suffering in foster care. One such novel that features this topic is S.E. Hinton’s classic and captivating novel The Outsiders. The story takes place in 1965 in...

Importance of Conceptual Framework in Youth Fostering

Nance (2008) reported in an article from a foster youth advocate that, “up until recently, education has not been something that was on the radar for child agencies. Their primary focus was protection and safety. The number of foster youth entering college is “dismal” and...

The Impacts of Foster Care on Children's Health

There has been a significant number of children in America who have been exposed to violence and abuse in their homes from their parents. Child abuse isn't just about black eyes and broken bones. While physical abuse is the most visible to the eye, not...

Growing Up In Foster Care Affects Different Domains

The foster system is in place to aid children whose parents or families cannot take care of them, the system creates a nurturing place for children to grow up in temporary placement until they can be reunified with their families or when a permanent home...

How Does Foster Care Affect Foster Children

“Instead of growing in my belly, you have grown in my heart” by an anonymous person. What this quote tells me is even though she might not have the same DNA, be related that she is still a mother that can still have a natural...

The Foster Care System And Education

People all over the world are forced to live in deplorable conditions, and there is not always something that can be done to help these individuals. Unfortunately, children are often the victims of circumstance, and they have to find a way to survive in their...

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