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Negative Effects of Child Spanking

Kelly Clarkson once revealed to a radio station in Rochester, that she spanks her children and find nothing wrong with it, and her reasons are appear valid. When is comes to spanking, many parents shy away from it as an effective corrective measure, and those...

Effects of Spanking on Young Children in Different Cultures

Introduction In many parts of the world, particularly the West, there is a history of parents and guardians being allowed to spank their children as a way of instilling discipline. In one way or the other, spanking seems to be instantly effective since a misbehaving...

The Fairness of Spanking as a Form of Discipline

The debate regarding corporal punishment has been raging for years: Is it appropriate to spank your children? While individual opinions will vary, I personally believe that corporal punishment is a tool that parents should be able to utilize. Children may have trouble learning lessons if...

The Hidden Effects of Spanking Practice on the Children

While some folks uphold spanking because the most applicable mode of disciplining their kids, others argue that impose physical pain to the kid will cause negative consequences within the future. a mess of studies have complete that kids World Health Organization area unit spanked area...

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