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What Family Means To Me

Most of us have the same description of the family, we describe it as a group of people with a relationship by blood or they are biologically connected to each other. The ideal family always starts with father and mother then followed by one or...

Forever Curtis Brothers vs. Foster Care

In the United States, there are 443,000 children who, instead of being safely reunified with their families, are suffering in foster care. One such novel that features this topic is S.E. Hinton’s classic and captivating novel The Outsiders. The story takes place in 1965 in...

The Type of Daughter in Law for Parents

I’m close to a 4.0 student, I finished my college at 20, I finished masters at 22 and I’ve been working for almost 2 years,I’m going to get my MBA soon. You know I’m driven, kind and how extremely family oriented I am. Srushi is...

Different Traditions Of Christmas Holiday

Every house has decorations, Christmas lights, and lanterns are seen everywhere. Children are doing caroling in every house. It’s with that moment you realize that December is getting near. It’s Christmas time again! One of the most awaited moments in December is the Christmas Vacation....

Different Aspects Of Being A Grandparent

Introduction Being an African American lady from the South who had been brought up by her grandparents. I have been deeply introduced to African American world views since my grandparents followed African American cultural beliefs loyally. As a result, they profoundly impacted the African American...

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