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How I view families generally in society? That group of people who are related to each other in a way. In most societies, the family is the major source that provides us love, a good state of mind and support. For example: shelter, food, and clothing. Secondly, the family helps us open our eyes on what we need to do with our own family experiences and what we hear from other family.When it comes to early learning environment, I believe that children’s development is best supported by responsive parents. Responsiveness parents provides a strong foundation for children to help them support growth development.

When it comes to children they know we are going to be there for them and some are not sure, I believe what to be the key to let them know is by being acceptance with their interest because it shows support learning which allows us to have a positive outcome with them. Therefore, a trust and bond are form between child and parent. They will come to us with new experiences and what they may be dealing with at home, physical or emotionally.

For example: coping with stress, attachments from both parents, etc. How I view families specifically in terms of: value, knowledge, skills, priorities? I strongly believe that every families have a huge impact of the following, but it also depends on what kind of families you are in because not all family have the same values. For example: last year in class we were given a scenario in groups about what if certain families do not believe in immunization for children? Some say we should try to talk to parents about the positive outcomes, but some say we should not force anything because that’s their value on what to believe and what they think is best for their child. They know their own child better than we do. It’s so important for starting off your life with that aspect but it’s also important that after a certain time in life, we need to make our own morals, values, knowledge, etc. From my experience, I grew up in a family that are supportive, I knew my values, priorities which made me more aware and confident on what decision I should do in life.

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