Reflective Essay on the Lessons I Learned from Visiting the Orphanage

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On the 1st of May 2019, My friends and I went to a community service place called Agathian’s Shelter for orphanage. It was a sunny day the weather was hot and swelter. At first sight when I looked at those kids they were sweaty and very active. They were playing football made out of papers rolled up with sellotape shaped to a ball. We were welcomed by the children and their workers with brimming with happiness. The first thing we did was we sat at the table that they’ve prepared for us for our lunch together with the kids. They served us a very delicate and delicious malaysian food, nasi lemak. After we’re done eating, we washed our plates together, mostly the boys. However, the girls was with the kids taking photos, playing games and laughing at their filtered pictures taken by the girls phone. Their faces was full of joy. We too helped raised funds for them as we sold some of their stuff that gave us to sell back in Monash University.

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“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” I agree with the quote from Leo Tolstoy and I was agreed with his quote after I had faced one situation, which changed me a lot. It was actually right on the off chance that you had an encounter like me. Typical families lived cheerfully yet, for the shelter messes with it is horrible, the kids that live without guardians despite the fact that they should get an embrace, an adoration, a benevolence, an inclination that they had their parent who will dependably be there for them. Some people don't realize that it’s to live without a family. Family or specifically parents are a pillar of strength and growth for us kids and teenagers. Parents are very important to us. The second important thing in our life is education. Although those kids gets education from the orphanage foundation, it is not enough for them. As the quote above says each despondent family is troubled in its own specific manner simply like these shelter kids they were miserable on the grounds that their parents would not like to deal with them or they were unfortunate enough to lose their parents.

Now, in the present I’ve learned to appreciate and learned that I should be glad that I have my parent and I have the chance to study in a decent school dissimilar to orphans who don't have families, not by any means got decent education. Since I got back home I've endeavored to tune in and not contend with my parent when they are grumbling or attempting to instruct me. After these few days, I’ve thought it through that I’m gonna be more optimistic and achieve better results that my parents are expecting and appreciate my parents more. Although it’s going to be a tough one for me as I’m not particularly good at studies and I love to argue with my parents over pity stuff that we could think off. All these to hope that in the future I would have a great education, an incredible work, and my parent would be pleased with me for this achievement and I would make the most of my later life.

As a conclusion, since I’ve visited Agathian’s shelter which was an orphanage foundation I’ve realized that I should gives my all to my school and pay more attention to my parents and their advices. I should study hard to achieve good grades and make my parents proud. For those kids it’s hard for them because they didn't have any parent or even a good school like us. From now on, I’ve set my goals to get a good results in my studies to make my parents proud of me and also to in the near future to get a good and stable job where I can help those in need especially kids in the orphanage. I hope to try my best. For those children I guaranteed them the day I was leaving that I would return to visit them and I think whether it was conceivable I would go to meet them again to see those smiley faces.

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