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Reflection on International Adoption as Possible Solution for Orphans

International adoption, a process where children from one country are adopted by families residing in another, has long been a subject of global attention and controversy. While the concept of offering a loving home to a child in need transcends borders, the practice of international...

How to Solve the Problems Orphans Face Within Orphanages

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The children of our country are South Africa’s future. A major issue that desperately needs to be addressed are the challenges faced by orphans and by NGO’s who manage the orphanage. Statistics show there are an estimated amount of 3.7 million orphans within South Africa....

Overview of Organizations Willing to Help the Children in Need

Children in need referred to those kids from rural communities, urban poor areas, and low-income families as well as their parents are dead. Most of them are categorized as orphans, illegitimate children, abandoned children, and street children. They are normally lacking support in term of...

Regulating Australia’s participation in the Orphanage Industry

Australia is the largest funder of residential care for children in South East Asia (Knaus, 2018). In 2017, Australia became the first country to declare orphanage trafficking a form of modern slavery (Australian Government, 2017). As a result of an Inquiry into whether Australia should...

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