Analysis Of The 50's Families Compared To Modern American Families

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It is known that contemporary / modern American relations were constructed from how their basis of Nostalgia were.

In the 50’s was known as excellent age years which made marriages a happy home-based lifestyle. Back then offspring respected their elders these days in time young progenies run their homes we can’t tell who’s the grow-up or who is the kids. There may have been some type of economic trouble but nothing near what is happening in these days here upon us. Having children invigorated being a parent as well as a family sparked an abundance of happiness within the families. The 50’s families were more vague then what they betrayed on the television back in the 50’s they would profess that females did not want to work outside their homes at that time many women were housewives and the men work in most families. During that time it was very difficult for women to get a job do to the sexist against women back in the 50’s. It still exists within the 21st century to a degree of life. Even to have a child or children out of wed-lock was not happening very often as it is nothing within this century here. In the 50’s there were a great economic freedom within the families, in this 21st century it has become very different in time. With raising children the teaching standard method in the homes of families no one eat together. Many families do not even have family time as they did back in the 50’s.

The financial representation was the atomic of families in the 50’s. During the year of the 50’s it was one of the biggest shopper increases for expenditure on the home goods. Families as well as individuals looking at the contemporary homes of Americans it attend to have more lifespan picks then those who were born in a different epoch. Thinking back upon the times of the 50’s television shows they appeared to be innocent, pure and wholesome. As if violence did not exist this what they wanted viewer to believe. What should stay buried would be the stay home parent should be an option not a command as they did back in the 50’s. we are fortunate enough to see some of these things happening that they fathers are stay home father verse the women.

The important aspects of the 50’s for the American family life during those times many of the families had two parents in the home along with grandparents. Children behaviors was very different then children of the current century. Children and parents eat dinner at the same time verses now children and parents are all on different waves lengths of life. There is not very much structure within the homes of children today. During the 50’s they had discipline when children got out of place, children had parent teacher conferences those are the days of family. In the times of the 50’s children and parents spent great deal of time together seeming that it was the only family they knew in those days and time. That type of family values need to be reinstated because of the healthy-ness of family values are. When we have these types of family values it helps our children growth with relationships with other people it help to produce healthy proceeds far as family values.

If we were to go back and reinstate 50’s family values, this contemporary American life style seems to have been easier for many that may have never experience interracial, gays, or lesbians and single moms who never had the opportunity to accomplishment goals before these things had taken place. With all these things in place it now helps our society inflate the skyline for our upcoming future. The American definition of contemporary can comprise a cross between modern/traditional. With the description of a contemporary family they more aware of dealing with mental illness, domestic violence, higher rating of divorcee there is also abortions corporeal abuse you have the hardship of economics.

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