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My Experience with Culture Shock, Culture and Culture Diffusion

“Modern mas hit at J’Ouvert San Fernando” is an article published by Trinidad and Tobago Newsday on 4TH March, 2019. The author of this piece was done by Laurel Williams. J’Ouvert is an annual Carnival event that is held on a large street. On March...

My Experience with Culture Shock: Raising Children in a Foreign Country

Living abroad can benefit your child in so many important ways, but definitely, it has its drawbacks as well. This essay will examine the advantages and disadvantages of raising children in a foreign country. The two main benefits of raising children in a foreign country...

Culture Shock In Fashion Industry

After the economic recession and depression of the 1970s, the global economy was in rapid development in the 1980s, people were paying more attention to material life, and also materialism has become the center of life. As in women’s wear at that time, successful women's...

Reverse Culture Shock: A Literature Review

There has been a shift in education abroad in recent decades towards globalization. Students and employers are more interested in education abroad to develop intercultural skills and global competency. As this movement for education becomes more common, so does culture shock. Culture shock can be...

Culture Shock: Communication In The Business World

Culture Shock means the “trauma” that an individual experiences when they move from their home culture to a different culture. This causes uncertainty that can be very stressful. There are five stages of culture shock: The honeymoon stage, Crisis stage, Adjustment stage, Acceptance or Adaptation...

Culture Shock In A Professional Environment 

Based on the case study, the cross-cultural experience brought up a lot of problems such as language barrier, cultural difference, failing to adapt to the new culture. After analyzing the case study, the roots of all the problems are clearly derived from an unwillingness to...

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