Culture Shock In A Professional Environment 

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Based on the case study, the cross-cultural experience brought up a lot of problems such as language barrier, cultural difference, failing to adapt to the new culture. After analyzing the case study, the roots of all the problems are clearly derived from an unwillingness to cope with a new culture and ethnocentric characteristic. The big mistake he created is not learned any Mexican culture before laying his feet on the new ground where Spanish is most commonly used than English.

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The solution to this matter is no other than to expose himself to the new culture and willing to learn about it. He could approach the solution by starting to observe more about Mexican culture such as language, lifestyles, the concept of time, etc. By understanding all of these elements could definitely help him to adapt faster. In addition, instead of showing ethnocentrism and trying to deal with the struggles alone, he should reach out more to his co-worker for their opinions and advice.

To prevent culture shock, according to Marx. E “If one always generalize their own views to the new culture, the adaption process is usually unsuccessful.” Thus, it is crucial to embrace the new culture instead of resisting it, and willing to recognize the transformative changes that help with the adaption process. Sussman stated that “A key variable in predicting cultural adjustment has been the degree to which an individual identifies with the home country and the host country”.  When there is a transition in culture, one must expect the new changes and always be prepared for them, however, always keep in mind that the change is not permanent.

Finally, I consider that to efficaciously engage with a foreign culture, one needs to be conscious of being critical to understand and analyze the similarities and variations between cultures that are hidden at first sight. This knowledge should also be used to create a better understanding of the overseas partner, as well as showing respect for the host society which may create a stable foundation for the beginning of effective intercultural communication.

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