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Mask And Masquerades As An Integral Part Of African Culture And Religion

Masks, along with other African artwork, transcend time while communicating the spiritual legacy of the African people and their culture. African masks are a fundamental part of masquerades and have the ability to allow transition by crossing a liminal space. Henry John Drewal’s article, Gelede...

The Nature and Customs of African Masquerades

Festivals are usually celebrated to mark the beginning or an end of a significant cultural or historical event. For Africans, almost all their festivals are done to celebrate the gods or their community heroes. During the slave trade, as Africans were enslaved in Caribbean plantations...

Count Down to August: Nigeria Major Festivals

The approach of a festival celebration in Africa can be liken to the coming of the bridegroom. It is a way of commemorating and celebrating African rich cultural heritage while strengthening the sense of belonging and community. The month of August is around the corner....

African West Coast'S Dances Of Masks Ritual: A Vivid Portrayal

Abstract Religious ritual is a significant action that expresses our deepest understandings of the world. Religious rituals are common in almost all religions and therefore the common topic of attraction for anthropologists. In this research paper, I observed a form of religious ritual which is...

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