Essay Samples on Japanese Culture

Japan's Ancient Warriors: Samurai History

In modern Japan, we encounter this ‘honourable’ warrior through mass-media. He is often dressed in his famous armour, fighting his many battles with his trusty katana or even engaging in a brotherly fight with the warrior of the shadows, the ninja. While many may argue…

Anime: History and Artistic Analysis

Abstract Anime is not just cartoons. Many people are bogged down in myths and delusions. Losing the opportunity to understand this modern art with its history and different types. After all, ‘Anime’ a modern elevated art form. Introduction What makes “Anime” unique and a separate…

The Kawa Model: Occupational Therapy Practice Model

History The Kawa Model was developed by a group of Japanese occupational therapists in response to a need for an occupational therapy practice model that was useful and appropriate in the Japanese culture (Iwama, 2003, 2005, 2006). Occupational therapy practitioners in Japan have struggled to…

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