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The Origins Behind Many Vampire and Horror Stories

Horror movies, scary stories or anything related to ghosts: we all love to be scared sometimes! The ten places we have selected for you take us beyond fiction, All these places have the reputation of being haunted and would make the most adventurous trip! Sensitive...

The Vampire Myth in Our Culture

The vampire embodies both man’s desire for eternal life and fear of the unnatural. The vampire is an interesting creature. Vampirism itself is a form of a curse usually passed on through the bite of a vampire though some versions believe that one must drink...

The Cultural Phenomenon of Horrific Monsters, Vampires

The word ‘Monster’ is often linked to forbidden practice and view negativity in our society today. Arguably Vampires are one of the most powerful of the undead and as the influence of media vampires often appear charming and attractive. Although, vampires seem monstrous to society,...

Defining the Purpose in Bram Stocker's Dracula

The novel commences with Jonathan Harker an English solicitor embarking on a journey from England to Eastern Europe to attend to his client after certification on his professional role as a solicitor. On his journey he recounts his experiences on his diary from the first...

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