The Cultural Phenomenon of Horrific Monsters, Vampires

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The word 'Monster' is often linked to forbidden practice and view negativity in our society today. Arguably Vampires are one of the most powerful of the undead and as the influence of media vampires often appear charming and attractive. Although, vampires seem monstrous to society, in that it reflects our society fears. However, vampires become fascinating to our society in that the mysterious vampires created a desire for people to discover the 'unknown.' At the same time, our society admires the traits of vampires such as their physical appearance, power and their long-lasting life, which causes the society to fantasize over them which creates a cultural phenomenon.

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Vampires are mysterious and dangerous which creates a desire for people to discover it. Let's face it, we love the 'bad boy'. We seem to be attracted and fascinated by men who are dark, mysterious, and even somewhat dangerous. The vampire is resemble the idea of the 'bad boy'. In Monster Culture, the sixth thesis states that 'Fear of the Monster Is Really a Kind of Desire' presents a monster that has an attractive force that tempts people into forbidden practices and taboos. They are both terrifying and expressive of fantasies. This accounts for the monster's continued cultural popularity. We admire the vampire's freedom which allows us to safely express our fantasies of aggression, domination, and inversion. The monster enables the formation of all kinds of identities through safe expression. The truth is that we are drawn to forbidden, 'the desire for something outside of the boundary set by society between what is acceptable and what is not. The dangerousness of vampires also brought excitement. For example, in the passage from Dracula, a young man who's engaged to be married, was trapped in Transylvania. He was manipulated by three beautiful young female vampires who were dancing around him to the point he forgot the fact that he's in danger. This is similar, in the book 'I am Legend,'' the character Robert was attracted to Ruth because he didn't care that she was infected by the disease and forgot the fact that he could be harmed by her since she could be a vampire. You might ask why Robert change from a clear head person who's trying to figure out ways to survive from all the living and dead vampire to letting a woman that he doesn't know how to get into the house. This shows a connection to Robert because his wife Victoria was infected and he lost his family. However, surprised me the most is when Robert reply 'Even if you are infected, I can't let you go out there. You don't know what they'd to you,' this shows that Robert cares about Ruth. In response, Ruth said that she didn't care because she is a Vampire herself and she's not gonna die. Like when Robert trying to test her blood she was afraid to do it. Well, Neville has a similar feeling to Ruth because they are in the same situation before. In the Novel, it reveals that Robert was emotionally attached to Ruth, ' He didn't know how long it was they sat there holding each other close. He forgot everything, time and place; it was just the two of them together needing each other, survivors of a black terror embracing because they had found each other,' this passage portrays how Robert lost his mind and forget about how he might lose his own life if Ruth was inflected. In response to the question, if Ruth was inflected, Robert responded, 'I swear I'll cure you, Ruth.' However, when his wife Victoria was infected by the diseases not only he didn't cure her, Robert killed his wife for himself to survive. On the other hand, he wasn't afraid of the fact that Ruth could be inflected and willing to cure her.

Vampires are similar to humans, in that they are human-like characteristics in that they have emotions and traits like that human desires, the only downside is the fact that they consumer blood. Human blood. However, that has changed because modern vampires can control their desire for human blood and replace it by drinking animal blood. While classical and modern vampires both have a craving for blood, modern vampires have more human connection emotions and restrain themselves from drinking human blood. 'Twilight, unlike its predecessors, tells a story of transformation in a more positive stance. While it has elements of more closely resembles a fairy tale,' thus it represents a shift in cultural values becoming more perfection and fearless scared of diseases. In the section of the book, '(un)safe sex Romancing the vampire discusses that vampire has evolved dramatically from Bram stoker's Dracula to today's vampire-like Edward Cullen in the Twilight series in that the idea of vampire changed it visually, socially and ideologically. Vampires have changed from being dead and unemotional inside to becoming more civilized and sympathetic, which satisfies the audience. For example, Vampire from Bram stoker's Dracula is scarier because Dracula did not use these powers for good. He is pure evil and focuses, whereas Cullen is not as frightening and he falls in love with a human, something Dracula never will do. Vampires have evolved to be more human-like that have emotions in that Cullen battling his desire for drinking Bella's blood. Some of the similarity between the past vampires and now is that both vampires they are both undead corpses. Not only that Vampire becomes visually good looking compared to the old version of Dracula, and vampires now become sexualize as well. For example, the Twilight series represents a huge outbreak in terms of the vampire from the past, in that it portrays vampires in a completely different way. Creating a new generation of Vampires. In the Twilight series, Edwards Cullen is the new version of the vampire in that vampire becomes a romanized and everlasting youth showcase compare more like a god than a monstrous creature. This causes Bella Swan a human girl to be attracted to Edward Cullen and the life of a vampire.

Although Vampire reveals our society fear of disease, vampire shows more of are human desire, in that we can sympathize with the modern vampire as it represents the ideal capitalist life, education, property, wealth and class. Most importantly, the fact that vampires are better than humans in term socially and economically cause huge sensation over vampires. For example, vampires ' Are presented as living the good life and their activities and the taste tend toward those things associated with higher cultural,' this proves that vampires are seen as more supreme than other monsters, as vampires become more humanized and their everlasting youth becomes god-like. Not only that, Cullens' towering bookshelf describes that 'more books than I'd ever seen outside a library,' showcase vampires involvement in higher cultural activity shows that they are education and intelligent individual and distinction vampires from the other monsters. Overall, some factors make vampires more appealing to people because of their outstanding visual, social status and lasting youth. As a result, the outstanding characteristic of vampires makes people forget about their fear of vampires and turns out people become too obsessed with vampires.

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