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The Cultural Phenomenon of Horrific Monsters, Vampires

The word ‘Monster’ is often linked to forbidden practice and view negativity in our society today. Arguably Vampires are one of the most powerful of the undead and as the influence of media vampires often appear charming and attractive. Although, vampires seem monstrous to society,...

The In-Depth Meaning and Definition of Horror Genre

With frightful films about vampires, werewolves, and zombies earning so much attention in this last number of decades and new cinematic bloodbaths releasing regularly, the culture appetite for horror raises a question, why do people enjoy the feeling of being terrified? Watching horror is more...

Al Capone: Monster and Not a Mobster

Al Capone was most known in movies and spectacle for his gruesome crimes, so how did the government forget about it all the murders and harm he orchestrated; charging him with tax evasion instead. Legendary crime boss Alfonse ‘Al’ Capone, also known as the infamous...

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