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The Most Popular Board Game Monopoly

You’ve probably heard about the board game Monopoly, maybe spent a few sleepless night playing it. Or even flipped the table after losing all your fortune. Yeah, this game definitely has the power to suck you in making you forget about the fact that it’s...

History of The Gilded Age and its Victims

Because business is business, it’s strictly financial. The mindset in the Gilded Age (1865-1900) of many tycoons was one of profitability. This era in American history was highlighted by unprecedented growth in industry and economy, but these developments were constructed by selfish greed and corrupt...

The Harm Caused by the Google Monopoly to the Economy

Monopoly comes from a Greek word mónos meaning single. This occurs in scenarios where only one supplier delivers goods and services to the market (Mansfield, 2015). Monopoly power thus is the ‘long hand’ monopolists have in dominating the marketplace. Google Monopoly It is an honest...

Competition Policy Challenges In Emerging Technology Industries

Antitrust laws established in a democratic republic serve one ultimate purpose: to promote citizens’ well-being. Given their loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, in which the free pursuit of happiness is enthroned, the public and private sectors and the civil society of the United States of...

Google Is A Monopoly And Should Be Regulated

There are a lot of tech companies which dominate a different part of the tech industry but Google with its billion-dollar revenues is not a monopoly for reasons discussed below and must neither be broken up or regulated. Arguments Point 1: Choice and Competition By...

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