Essay Samples on Film Editing

Batman Is the Best Modern Time Beowulf

In modern time, at least from our current generation our epic heroes are defined by Marvel Comics, DC comics and some of our favorite action movies like John Wick or James Bond. Beowulf, the first epic hero created the stepping stones for all to follow...

Power and Control in Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane, directed by Orson Welles, tells the tale of a man and his struggle with power. From grandeur to isolation, Charles Foster Kane is constantly surrounded by money and power. Up until his later years, he’s surrounded himself with people that admire and adore...

Influenced the Film Industry of Alfred Hitchcock

Although Alfred Hitchcock passed away almost four decades ago, his work conclusively impacts the film industry, prevalent today. Hitchcock’s Psycho explores suspense and telepathic effects on the audience, through technical and symbolic codes evident in the Psychiatric scene. This appraises the influence Hitchcock acquires within...

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