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The Perception of Soap Operas as the Woman's Genre

The question asks to consider the ways in which soap operas can be understood as a woman’s’ genre. I will be answering this question by analysing how popular soap opera storylines and characters appeal to women. The issues with this question surround feminism, femininity and...

Reality Television Imposes on the Moral Standards

Reality television shows impose fake moral standards that are detrimental to human beings. Most people tend to watch television at night before they go to bed. More than likely, they are watching a reality TV show because nine out of ten shows that are produced...

Reality Television: The Real Moments Captured

The average American audience only goes so far before watching a variation of reality television. While there are many genres, it is best defined as capturing “real life” moments on camera for consumers’ entertainment. This is achieved through constant filming, catching every second, and every...

Effects of Reality Television in Vietnam

Abstract Due to the development of technology, reality television becomes more and more popular and has many impacts on society. Based on different research, this paper describes this effects. In particular, there are two main contents mentioned in the paper, including positive and negative effects...

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