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How The CSI Effect Alters Our Perspectives on Real Life Courtroom Processes

Television shows have an impact in today’s world. When it comes down to injustices in the courtroom, there are plenty. Some people are put away simply based on opinion instead of factual evidence. Our opinions and thoughts about the courtroom must have come from somewhere...

Factors that Affects Criminal Behaviour

Criminal Behavior has always been a focus for psychologist. There are many factors for criminal behavior but the top risk factors for criminal behavior are (in no particular order);family issues, psychological/mental characteristics, peer influences and socioeconomic status. In criminology and the study of behaviors, they...

Antisocial Personality Disorder and Criminal Deviance

Linking Antisocial Personality Disorder and Criminal Deviance Understanding what factors contribute to the development of a criminal is crucial to understanding crime, social interactions, and today’s criminal justice system. For many years criminal law applications have relied on the sociological influences and theories derived from...

Criminal Homicide and the Rational Choice and Routine Activities Theories

Rational choice theory is a school of criminology that holds that wrongdoers act as if they weigh the possible benefits of criminal or delinquent activity against the expected costs of being apprehended (Gaines,2019). Life and crime are two different expressions but share something in common....

The Factors That Affect Britain's Homicide Clearance Rate

This project examines the method of policing agencies in solving homicides in England and Wales. Moreover, I will go into depth about the factors affecting the national homicide clearance rate in England and Wales. Four key points will be analysed using both primary data collected...

Child Homicide and Inverstigation of the Criminal's Mind

Introduction When one’s death is caused by another, it is termed as homicide. According to the free dictionary, the victim could be an adult or a minor. When a minor is the victim of such an act, it is termed as child homicide. The free...

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