The Usage Of Cinematic Techniques By Tim Burton

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You have probably seen the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “Beetlejuice”, but did you know that Tim burton was the director for mostly all the spine-chilling movies you have watched including some of his animation at Disney. Tim Burton works as a film director, a film producer, a writer, an artist, and also an animator. He was influenced by two people named Dr.Seuss and Roald Dahl and was interested in painting, drawing, and watching movies. He has directed many movies like “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Corpse Bride”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and his most recent one “Dumbo”. Tim burton uses Low-Key lighting, High angle and Non-Diegetic to create his unique style of spooky and make people want to continue watching.

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton uses Non-Diegetic to make the scene seem to get intense or to show someone that something dramatic is going to happen. An example would be, When everyone is on the boat going down the tunnel, everything became dark, lights were dimming and intense background music was playing, the music in this scene shows that there is a weird vibe happening. This makes the audience feel frightened for the characters in this movie or to show that Willy Wonker’s factory is a special place to be at. Tim burton uses this to let everyone know that things will go down and Willy Wonker is not your typical guy.

In Edwards Scissorhands, Tim burton uses low-key lighting to create tension according to its suspicious and dark atmosphere. It also shows how much of the character has been discovered and what the character is hiding from everyone. For an example, when peg finds edward at a big old house, he is hiding in the dark which shows that there is low-key lighting used in this scene. This shows that edward has a sad/dark past and has not really had a family, which the audience feel that edward is a shy and doleful. Tim burton uses low-key lighting to give a hint about the character or place whether the character is a good person or a bad/evil person.

Tim burton, in Beetlejuice, he uses high angle in films so others can know that the character feels weak/powerless or to show that the character feels small compared to the other person that is bigger or taller than them. For an example, When Lydia was talking to beetlejuice, he was as small as a toy so he made a deal to help lydia with the two people if she says his name three times which made him grow to a normal human size. This reveals that now beetlejuice has grown bigger, things will not go right and Lydia is going to regret believing him. This high angle shows how small he is compared to lydia and to make the audience feel that since beetlejuice is small he is non threatening and harmless. Tim burton uses high angle to create an illusion and show who is powerful and who is weak.

If you ever wondered why Tim Burtons’ movies are always incredible and spooky, it is because he uses low-key lighting, high angles, and non-diegetic to create his unique style of spooky and makes people want to continue watching. Tim burton has mastered every film he has made due to the cinematic techniques he uses that catches everyone’s attention. Burton knows how to make the audience feel towards the characters in the movie, so we know what you feel about the person either he/she is evil or good. When it comes to directing films or producing films, Tim Burton comes up with many wonderful ideas and ways to make movies nerve racking. Due to all the drawing/painting he has done as a child has become something he had never thought would happen.          

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