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The Role of Women in Luhrmann's Films: Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge

Baz Luhrmann can be seen to have both evolved and devolved in certain aspects of his directing style. Regarding the role of women from Moulin Rouge! To The Great Gatsby, it can be argued that Baz has not evolved in his portrayal of women. From...

The Concept of 'Liveness' in the Film Musical Moulin Rouge

Film musical, which is a new genre developed after the “sound” cinema, is one of the popular and notable film genre in the Holywood film industry. The famous musical film examples are Moulin Rouge, The Greatest Showman, The Phantom of The Opera, La La Land,...

What Defines Bright and Extravagant Tone in Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge (2001) starts off with setting the tone of the film, the first few minutes are a roller coaster. Everything about the film is over the top, from Satine’s dresses to the set design. With a combination of real sets and computer generated images,...

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