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Terrible Time in America: West Side Story and the Immigrant Experience 

Lavish images of Fifth Avenue and the Upper East Side claim the title of ‘New York City’, filling the mind with descriptions of great wealth and well-dressed gentiles strolling the crowded streets filled with a vast diversity of people. Like everything, however, there is more...

West Side Story within the British Raj Context

Introduction: West Side Story and The British Raj are two completely different subject matters, but somehow can still relate to the present day. Within this essay you will be reading about how I plan to incorporate these two subjects together, to produce a new adaptation...

The Charm of the West Side Story, Beautiful Musical

As one of America’s most beloved musicals, West Side Story has captured the hearts of many with its reimagined Romeo and Juliet love story. The play illustrates a fight for space between two opposing gangs and a plea for tolerance between the two love interests...

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