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Review of one of the Most Iconic Horror Movies, Jaws

'Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...' If you've ever heard this phrase then you know it's synonymous with the film franchise Jaws. More specifically, in this review, I'd like to discuss the original film. Released forty-four years ago...

The Mastery of "Jaws" Opening Sequence and Its Continuous Thrills

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The film “Jaws,” directed by Stephen Spielberg, based on the novel by Peter Benchely, is a thriller about a great white shark that terrorizes tourists on Amity beach. The opening of a film is important because it sets the tone for the rest of the...

The Methods Stephen Spielberg Uses to Create Suspense in His Movie Jaws

Since its inception in 1975, Stephen Spielberg’s film, Jaws, has instilled in many a fear of the depths of the aquatic world. Over 40 years later, Jaws continues to captivate audiences throughout the world. How is it that Spielberg’s work is so renowned? This largely...

Analysis of the Movie Jaws: Narrative Elements Utilized in the Movie

The film “JAWS” was a 1975 summer blockbuster that terrified a large percentage of people from entering the depths of the water. “JAWS” is about one shark that finds a great feeding place on the beaches of Amity Island where there is a great supply...

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