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The Development of the Technology of the Future

VR could one day replace the need for paper and sketch models and take us into a world of virtual creativeness. However, many objects and practices that we are currently surrounded by and encounter have come from a vision from the past, much like virtual...

The Rhetorical Analysis of Ready Player One

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One of individuals most loved side interest is playing computer games like Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U, however one computer game individuals don't have is a temperance reality game where you can live and battle in it. The creator make a...

The Increase in Self-Confidence with Self-Development in Ready Player One

In 2044, Wade Watts uses a virtual reality game called the OASIS to escape the ugly reality of the future. But when the creator dies, a challenge is released promising an ultimate prize. The challenge consists of many puzzles based on the creators' avid affiliation...

The Necessity of the OASIS: Ready Player One

In Ready Player One, the main character, Wade, uses the OASIS in order to escape the depression and hopelessness that he would have inevitably faced in the real world, as shown through his mother and aunt, but he ends up needing the OASIS to find...

Analysis Of Futurism Movement And Its Use In Different Forms Of Media

This art movement started around 1909 in Italy, it was quite a strange movement for its time as it heavily rejected the traditional forms of art that were primarily done around this time. The leading artist that launched this trend into the norm was Filippo...

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