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People Living Under the Influence of the Matrix

There is a connection within The Matrix between levels of free will, and how they directly correlate to the extent to which humans living within the Matrix are artificial. On the one hand, by making the argument that the humans have low free will, it...

The Matrix: The Philosophical Problem of the Outer World Existence

There are many theories and hypotheses that exist for the idea that the real world is an illusion, and the Matrix trilogy is puzzled with specific references to philosophers who have entertained this idea. Basically, the matrix is a state of what is not true...

The Philosophical Background Behind the Matrix: How to Live in the Artificial World

What if our world were simply a hyper-realistic simulation, with all of us merely characters in an artificial world? Summarizing The Matrix, it is a movie where people are kept inside capsules and are experiencing a real-life simulation without noticing it being artificial. Throughout history,...

The Matrix: Protagonists and Antagonists in the Plot of the Movie

These characters are strong in their way and have more in common than they think. The most recognizable character in this movie is Neo played by Keanu Reeves, he plays a tech guy that does not know his place in the world. His life was...

The Matrix: The Plot and Character Summary of the Film

The film “The Matrix” considered Will Smith instead of Keanu Reeves to play as Neo the main character. This essay will begin with a short plot and character summary. Following the plot and character summary are three hero’s journey stages that are reflected in the...

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