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The Original Japanese Godzilla Movie Review

The Godzilla franchise has had a large influence and impact on not only Japanese viewers, culture, and history, but American and other western countries as well. Owned and created by Toho Co.Ltd, Godzilla is recognized as the world’s longest continuously running movie franchise with 35...

Link Between Fictional Monster Creation and Human Vulnerability

As humans, our imagination runs wild and we often look for outlets to express them rather it be through creating literature, films or even inventing some of the world’s wonders like the pyramids in Egypt. If you look back through the monsters that have been...

Views of Steve Ryfle and Susan Sontag on the Influencearticle Sci-Fi Movies Have on Society in Their Respective Articles: Godzilla’s Footprint and Susan Sontag’s Imagination of Disaster

Between Steve Ryfle’s article “Godzilla’s Footprint” and Susan Sontag’s 1965 article “Imagination of Disaster”, clear differences can be understood. Both heavily focus on science fiction films, but Ryfle discusses the Japanese’ viewpoint while Sontag addresses the American point of view. Using Susan Napier’s article, “Panic...

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