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Review of Science Fiction Movie Inception

Inception is a science fiction action movie from 2010 that was written and directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie is about Dom Cobb, a professional thief who invades the dreams of his targets in order to steal information out of their deep subconscious. The movie...

Question On The Meaning Of Reality In Christopher Nolan's Movie Inception

What is reality? Reality is the particular amount or collection of all that is concrete and existent. According to Plato, Athenian philosopher, true reality could not be found through the senses, but through phenomena. He described phenomena being insubstantial and weak forms of reality. He...

Questioning Descartes' Theory of Reality and Dreams in the Movie Inception

In the film Inception, Dom Cobb is a veteran thief at stealing advantageous confidential information from deep within one’s subconscious mind during the dream state, also known as REM sleep, when the mind is defenseless. Cobb's unique ability has made him a lust after player...

Waking Up from a Wishful Dream in Inception

In this movie, the main characters are played by Dominick Cobb (Dom), Arthur, Ariadne, Saito, Eames, Mal, Browning, Yusuf, Robert Fisher and his son Robert Fisher. Dom and Arthur, they perform the role of corporate spying utilizing test military innovation to penetrate the subconscious of...

Analysis of Separate Scenes and Narratives in Inception

Inception is a Sci-fi/ Thriller movie that came out July thirteenth in the summer of 2010. It had a total of 156 wins and 207 nominations; including Oscar’s for Best Achievement in Cinematography, Sound Mixing, Editing, Visual Effects as well as BAFTA awards for Best...

Mixing Reality with Dreams in Inception

Apart from Cobb’s own family, Saito plays a critical part in suggesting that in the ending, Cobb has returned to reality. This can be shown through the repetition and the correlation of few scenes. To start off, the lines “ become an old man, filled...

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