The Matrix: The Philosophical Problem of the Outer World Existence

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There are many theories and hypotheses that exist for the idea that the real world is an illusion, and the Matrix trilogy is puzzled with specific references to philosophers who have entertained this idea. Basically, the matrix is a state of what is not true and an illusion that takes everyone away from reality.

The film The Matrix highlights the philosophical problem of the outer world in a manner that some have ever even remotely contemplated. Many people casual question what is practical and real, and what are we actually seeing. However, few develop in-depth theories and answers people's thought process to the point of developing their own perspective on what actually is real, and if what we see in our everyday lives can even be considered real. The movie was released in the year 1999, 11 June. The matrix movie is a Hollywood action, sci-fi movie of two hours, and sixteen minutes directed by Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski, written by Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski. The stars featuring this movie are Keanu Reeves as Neo who have the main role in the film. It depicts a dystopian future in which reality as recognized by most humans is genuinely a replicated reality called 'the Matrix', created by sentient machines to vanquish the human population, while their bodies' heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source.

The fundamental philosophical problem labeled by the movie is the fact that if we are not, in fact, dreaming, or being swindled, at any given time, then how can we know that we are actually 'awake?' There are several different answers to this problem, none of which seem to prove absolutely that we can be sure that we are not living a dream or a lie.

From my point of view, everybody from anywhere is into the illusion of a matrix in some part of the time. Well, this can be illustrated in a better way by some real-life examples such as in the time of our dreams, everyone is in the matrix. Because our dreams we only visualize and enter into our fantasy world which is the matrix and we slowly start losing the sense of our surroundings(reality). Our brain doesn't actually sleep when we do. On the contrary, our brain is wide awake. It's making decisions and processing information, all while we are fast asleep. We can also say daydreaming is also a fake phenomenon taking us in the matrix.

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And also, the use of some drugs may take us into the matrix for a while. These drugs trigger certain chemical hormones in our body that are not meant to be flowing and acting in the body while we are sober. They give us the feeling of euphoria taking us away from the real life. Also, declining or poor mental health will also take us to the state of the matrix.

For a healthy active human being, he or she cannot be in the matrix as they are relying on what they are seeing live; based on the signals they are getting from their surroundings(stimuli). They rely on the information they get from their sensory organs which are highly disregarded by Descartes. As he argues, we cannot use sensation to justify our claims to knowledge.

Our thoughts and beliefs can be justified when we actually have the knowledge and practical approach to something. Most of the knowledge about the world depends upon the reliability of our perceptions.

Philosophy provides a number of tools that mitigate the metaphysical uncertainty that a thoughtful viewing of The Matrix might at first evoke. Since our mastery—of where we are sitting, of what we are doing, of what the world around us is like—does not require philosophical certainty, but only those sorts of strong, context-appropriate reason which we employ for everyday and scientific purposes, it follows that we can use the good reasons we have for believing in the external world to rationalize our claims to knowledge not only about the reality of this world but also about its nature and constitution.

Thus, we can say that we sometimes become part of the matrix unknowingly. At the time of our sleep or when we come out from reality and engage in unusual activities set up by our evil thoughts in our brains. If we stay loyal and committed to our own beliefs in what we see and feel from our surroundings that is from the real scenario of our lives we do not belong in the matrix because we are not diverted from the part of reality. We rely on the inputs from our sensory organs and act or perform what is needed. I don't know why Descartes strongly criticizes this belief that inputs from the sensory organs are at times not real. This is the only way we can visualize the outer world with our sensory organs. There is no other option of not accepting the input information from our sensory organs because what we see, what we smell, hear and see everywhere is the reality and we cannot deny it as this is the only way how a human will counter any type of environment. First and foremost, he will process the information given to him by his sensory organs. There is no alternative option to process any kind of information in the body without the inputs from our sensory organs.

Being in the matrix is a fake illusion of false life, making people engaged in false activities. Like people are made to accept the fake world by an evil computer expert which is playing with our minds and making us lose control over our own body and mind.

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