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A Cinematic Love Affair Between the West and Bollywood

  A dazzling country with bustling towns, historical palaces and enchanting wildlife, it’s no marvel India is so often immortalised on display. a favourite destination of filmmakers, its colourful landscapes and varied architecture are with no end in sight beguiling. while Bollywood is certainly one...

Literary Review of the Political and Opinionated Media

Franke and Schiltz’s article is talking about how pop singers have gotten involved in politics via their songs and other events (Franke, U. & Schiltz, K. 2012). The article specifically looked at US and German “top ten hits” between 1960-2009. The article talked about the...

Slumdog Millionaire: The Power of Urbanization and Its Impact on Poverty

Slumdog Millionaire takes place in India. It is about a young man who is on a game show and has flashbacks of why he got all the answers right. The young man, Jamal Malik, is accused of cheating. In his flashbacks, you see glimpses of...

The Hardships Endured in Poverty and Slums in Slumdog Millionaire

The name of the book is Q and A; the name of the movie is Slumdog Millionaire. It is a combination of drama and a novel. Our copy has 89 paged but the original book has 304 pages. There are 13 chapters, they are not...

The Comparison and Contrast of Slumdog Millionaire Adaptation and Novel

In this essay, I will write about the novel and the film and compare and contrast them. There are lots of differences between the characters in the movie and the novel. In this task I am going to write about the similarities and differences there...

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