The Comparison and Contrast of Slumdog Millionaire Adaptation and Novel

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In this essay, I will write about the novel and the film and compare and contrast them. There are lots of differences between the characters in the movie and the novel. In this task I am going to write about the similarities and differences there are between the book 'Q&A' and the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire'. The film follows the book's action and shows that Ram is arrested and tortured on the suspicion of cheating. But then there are some differences in the book. In the book, there comes a woman to the station, before Ram he wants to say he has cheated, to get released. She pretends to be his lawyer and take him home with them.

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The woman, named Smita, has a copy of the television program. She wants them to see it together and that Ram should be completely honest with her and tell how he was able to answer every single question. Most of the book is about just that, and to every question, he was asked, Ram tells a story from his life, from childhood to youth. In the book Ram up as a little boy with a priest, because of his mother, three days after birth, leaving Ram on the steps in front of the church door. Father Timothy, the priest, takes care of the little boy. When Father Timothy dies, Ram moved to a youth home. He meets one of the other main characters, the two years younger boy Salim. The leader of the refuge is evil, and he forces the boys to pretend to be crippled and begging money. Ram and Salim flee. Ram gets a job but stays with Salim in a chawl, a simple shelter in a large block. One day pushes Ram a man, so he falls several meters. Ram believes he killed the man, so he runs away to the city called Dehli. In the movie this is different. In the movie, his mother dies when he is 6 years old, and the flees with his brother Salim, which is not his brother in the novel, but more his friend. The film has left large parts of the book, including several of the stories related to the 12 questions. The order of the stories, follow Ram chronologically in an age in the movie, unlike in the book. These changes are probably done because the director will shorten the action and will have a less messy and rambling action.

In the movie, the cop, and not Smita, who asks Ram to tell how he has managed to answer the questions. The director has probably done this to make the characters less. The action at the end of the film is different in the book. In the movie, Ram guesses on the last question, and he guesses correctly. In the book, Ram threatens to kill the broadcaster during a break, and the broadcaster gets so scared that he gives Ram a hint before the last answer. The Narrator in the book is Ram himself, in other words, Ram is the first person narrator. The novel begins dramatically with an event like the narrator looks back on. Ram tells the story of why he was arrested. After this begins the story, question for question, chapter by chapter. The conflict at the beginning of the book is not so difficult to see. It is that the police will get Ram to show that he has cheated, while Ram has nothing to confess. The boy who had all the answers are divided into as many sections as the number of questions Ram had to answer in the TV show. As an explanation for each question Ram responds to the TV program, he associates an episode from his life. A clear turning point is when the 'lawyer' to Ram Mohammed Thomas enters the room where he is being tortured. 'I am Ram Mohammed Thomas' lawyer'. (page 22). Ram has not any lawyer. How can he afford it? And it was just before that he would confess to having cheated. The book is one of the most dramatic events when Ram and Prem Kumar, program manager of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire', hitting at each other inside the toilet in a commercial break in the show. Ram pulls out a gun and threatens to kill Prem Kumar.

The tension rises several times through the book and the movie every time we are back in the studio when Ram is asked a question. In the Dramatic film 'Slumdog Millionaire' it starts right in the most dramatic part. Jamal Malik is sitting face to face with a man at a table. There are excitement and drama from the start. The next minute it's quick clips between 'torture room' and the studio where the 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' is being recorded. The film alternates quickly between present and past. In the TV program to start, one can see the face of Jamal that he was thinking of something. There comes a short memory of a very pretty girl. And one understands immediately that this girl has meaning later in the film. The film is built up as the book when it comes to link issues to stories in Rams life. However, instead of jumping back and forth in terms of time and place, like it is done in the book, the movie follows the boys Ram and Salim chronologically as they grow older. This is done so that the public should be able to keep better track and understand more. The turning point and highlight of the film are more or less the same as in the book. Salim and Ram are the protagonists.

People like Timothy Francis, Nita, Neelima Kumari, and family Taylor, plays a minor role, but an important role in the book and for the questions. There are as many protagonists in the book and in the movie, but several minor characters in the book. In the film, we relate to the three main characters Jamal, Salim, and Latika - as in the book is Ram, Salim, and Nita. The action in the film plays the Rams desire to create a good future for himself and his girlfriend Nita, who is a prostitute in the book, but not in the film. Salim is a bad guy in the movie, and not in the book. He creates more trouble and action in the movie than the book. In the film, Salim works for a gangster in slums, while Ram chooses an ordinary, law-abiding profession. In the book, he is portrayed as an innocent and kind boy. In the film, he is raw and brutal. Otherwise, the main story was pretty much similar in my view in the book and the movie.

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