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Analysis of the Social Issues Addressed in Barry Jenkins' Movie "Moonlight"

Moonlight is a 2016 film written and directed by Barry Jenkins that was named the best film of 2016 by several media outlets and won numerous Academy Awards. Moonlight opens up an extremely important conversation about the nature of gay masculinity. Although there were other...

Representation of Realistic Life of Queer Youth in Moonlight

The film 'Moonlight' presents three phases in the life of the fundamental character, Chiron; his childhood, teenage years, and early grown-up life. It explores the troubles he faces with his sexuality and personality, including the physical and psychological mistreatment he bears growing up. The film...

Moonlight: Mediums That Helped Bring the Story to Life

In this essay I will be analysing how a South African point of view can be said to add and to enhance the main theme of my chosen film, MOONLIGHT. I will also be discussing the symbolic treatment of the narrative, performance, medium, and the...

Childhood Reflection in Chiron's Character in the Film 'Moonlight'

The minute you are born, society has expectations about who you are. The way you look, sets the expectation for you. Everyone is different in their own way, so people judge you to be yourself when you step out of those standards. People should accept...

Moonlight: Influences on the Formation of Protagonist's Identity

Moonlight – a movie directed by Barry Jenkins was one of the most beautiful and heart – wrenching masterpiece that I have ever seen. The film is set in Miami in 1980s, the peak ages when abject poverty, drug addiction, violence and social degradation occurred...

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