Understanding Reality Through Science Versus Religion

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The Human brain trusts and believes in the information provided by the eye and not what they hear and believe blindly. It is very clear that there are high possibilities for science to prevail over religion in terms of giving explanations to the world at a phenomena as science has been constantly proving their claims on their evidences to the world day by day with evident facts whereas religion has been constantly scanty in the same to provide clear pieces of evidence to support their claim and believes. Science was also successful in closing the gaps of what we know and what we don't know in terms of the natural environmental hazards where science has proven to provide evidence and facts that have been relevant to our lives and advanced compared to religions claims.

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Science and religion are two different methods for understanding reality. Science can be described as a set of tools to find the truth about the universe through observing the nature or the surroundings, devising them and then testing the hypotheses in order to make your claim and religion can be described as a Social systems whose participants avow belief in a supernatural agent or agents whose approval is to be sought (THE WAR BETWEEN SCIENCE AND RELIGION). Religion mainly deals with the transcendental, mystical, concepts such as a spirit or, etc and such concepts cannot be proven or be proven to exist as there haven't been any shreds of evidence proving their existence or there isn't any valid evidence provided to support these concepts in bringing them to be believed and thus stays as a myth. This shows how religion, even though it has some claims and allegations to their will they do not have any pieces of evidence proving these claims and thus cannot be trusted with the fullest in which gives the upper hand to science where science has clear evidence in support to their claims.

However, there has been a powerful argument by Carl Hempel where he says “if science were to study only things that can be observed, researchers would only have a limited range of understanding, and a limited account for why things happen”(theories of explanation ). In this piece of the article, he talks about the existence of theoretical entities and how theoretical entities can help science researches gain more understandings of the things happening around. theoretical entities are signs of existence but have never been physically observed or proven by any means.

There are over 4,000 different religions in this world and their claims and truths are often conflicting and different from each other for instance Muslims and jews, absolutely reject the Christian belief that Jesus was the son of the god(the war between science and religion). This could lead to conflicts and arguments between the people as new sects often arise when some believers reject what others see as true which then results in enmity and bigger conflicts. This clearly shows how religion can cause chaos between the society and the people as there are people who believe and trust in different religions and different aspects of the religion and also this not only creates conflicts but also shows how religions cannot be trusted in giving explanations to the world at a phenomenon as there are over 4,000 different claims and different factual characters from different religions that results in lack of providing evident arguments clear evidence and the method of using faith has led to no proof in proving the existence of the divine.

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