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Peter The Great And Louis Xiv In The Period Of Absolutism

Constitutional states were trying to formulate ways to share power and authority, but absolute monarchies found ways to increase state power. Absolutism stood on a theoretical foundation known as the divine right of kings (Bentley, 643). An absolute monarch has unrestricted power in political, philosophical,...

The Great Louis XIV and Absolutism

Absolutism is a political idea and form of government where complete power is held by a single individual. Absolutism is generally spoken about in regards to the ‘absolutist monarchs’. In an absolute society, the only person who could change the powers of the monarch was...

How the Rise of Absolutism Changed Russia

While the 1600’s in Europe were characterized by economic growth, expansion in the New World, and rapid development of technology, much of Eastern Europe struggled to maintain equal standing with the other countries. After various principalities liberated themselves from the Mongols in the 15th and...

The Shifting Nature of Absolutism and Absolute Monarchy

Underdeveloped and under pressure, Eastern European countries looked to adopt enlightened absolutism, an innovative layer of statecraft that maintained a semblance of continuity in an attempt to reinstate stability, stimulate growth, and resolve tensions between the middle-class and the aristocracy in their nations, which, ironically,...

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