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Swadeshi Movement: The Rise of Indian Nationalism

According to Müller Jan-Werner populism is described to be anti- elitism and anti- pluralism. (Plagemann, Destradi, 2019). This leads to the formation of two groups one where the ‘people’ are the victims and the other where the ‘elite’ are evil typically representing the government establishment....

American War of 1812: The Rise of Nationalism

For nationalism to prosper, clearly the United States needed to demonstrate its test effective. The War of 1812 was one demonstrating ground. More noteworthy than a strategic accomplishment against Britain was the marvelous ascent in the national economy, started by populace increment, regional acquisitions, and...

Nationalism in China and Japan Through the Years

Tonnesson and Antlov identify three types of nationalism, ethno nationalism, official nationalism, and plural nationalism; which are derived from Anderson’s linguistic/vernacular, official and creole nationalism and Smith’s ethnic, civic and plural nationalism. This essay will first define the terms in the order listed above. Then,...

Development of Nationalism in Europe (1789-1933)

The time period of 1789 to 1933 contained significant developments in the formation of nations and how the individual citizens felt towards nationalism. Zimmer describes nationalism as, “an ideology or political religion, a political movement seeking state power, a cultural formation allowing industrial societies to...

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