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The Absolutist Moral Principle of Pacifism

Extreme or absolutist views of pacifism advocate for the complete rejection of violence and war and perpetuate the view that under no circumstances can these be morally justified; this obviously includes cases of self-defence as well as defence of others. This form of moral thought...

Comparison of the Subject of Peace in Christianity and Islam

“There exist three forms of peace: interior peace, by which man is at peace with himself; the peace whereby man is at peace with God, submitting himself fully to God's dispositions; and the peace relative to one's neighbor, by which we live in peace with...

Christian Pacifism in the Middle Age Period

In the Middle Ages, through the system of feudalism, every emperor or king is honored as the liege of all his vassals, who in this time will be all the nobles and knights who fight for him. However, because most of them were devout to...

Factors That Affected the Formation of My Personal Identity

Personal identity is a difficult topic, especially in the current time where we are assailed by internet trends challenging us to compromise and change our identity to fit in. One of the biggest facets of my identity is the fact that I have lived in...

Purposeless Nature Of War In Hemingway'S Novels

A Farewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway utilizes harmed characters to demonstrate the unglamorous and worthless nature of war and the impacts it has on individuals. Hemingway needs perusers to realize that war isn't what individuals...

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