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Search for Peace in the Just War Theory

In the article, “Does Peace Have a Chance?” that was printed by Slate on August 4, 2009, the author, John Horgan, evaluates the notion whether the actions and behaviour of mankind leads to antagonism and enmity which is the main cause of war and assesses...

Just War Theory: Justification of War Events

'A way of morally justifying war by the theory that, despite its evils, war may be necessary and justifiable under certain conditions and within certain limitations. Conditions for entering and conducting wars are constructed'. It differs from pacifism and the holy war theory. The traditional...

UK Involvement in WW1: Unjust War

I believe that the U.K’s involvement in WWI was unjust because they did not comply to all the aspects of Just War Theory. To analyze why, we must incorporate the different components of Just War Theory; Jus Ad bellum, Jus In Bello, and Jus Post...

The Realism Behind the Concept of Just War

War: The bane of civilization’s existence. War is often characterized by the absence of peace, but war’s nature extends beyond that very characteristic. Its definition is widely disputed and this is partly because those who have undertaken the task of delving into the subject of...

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