Belief In God: Relationships Between Science and Religion

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The conflict between science and spirituality (religion) usually refers to an assumed conflict between science and belief in God. For the purpose of this talk “religion” refers to the monotheistic religion which is the belief in the existence of a good, personal and transcendent creator. Whereas, Science is the process used to study the natural world through observations and experiments.

Conflict is a state of open, often prolonged fighting. Over the ages, conflict between science and religion developed as science and religion were taken as a commonly perceived mutually exclusive contradictions. The methods of religion and science are and aims are different, science focuses on experiments and materials to produce accurate natural explanations of how natural world works, their components and how they became things they are now, and religion focuses on spirituality to achieve the goal of salvation for oneself and others and whether there is God to worship. They both also have different aspects but have their own importance and values on people who believe in them. It is difficult to choose between the two, according to Coyne (2015) “because they have different methods of getting knowledge and in the end there are conflicts in concluding about the universe.”

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The history between religion and science tells us that they always have been in conflict since the beginning and religion always reign supreme in every life, although science slowly took its place. As we see today, science has become more important than religion, reason being is because science tells us the cause is unknowable until its proven. Whereas, religion says it can be discovered through religious behaviour, as God is self-revealed not self-existence. Science is a rational. It believes simplest on observations and experiments. Through sciences’ teachings, we examine and no longer accept things as true with until it is validated to be real through experiments. Religion, on the other hand, there is faith, coaching us to accept as true with and believe in spiritual books. Hence all writings, in the ‘Bible’ seems to be all real as they're the Gods words. Gods’ lifestyles cannot be proved, however felt through faith. It all rely of faith, not on experiments or observations.

The technology has become superior closer to fact as absolute. Religion and non-secular books are absolute fact. Criticisms of those teachings are violently condemned and recognised to be a heretic. In the past, the ones who were questioning faith they were mercilessly punished and mistreated. Galileo’s instance involves thoughts all through the talk over heliocentric and egocentrism, among the Catholic Church and empirical scientists. Galileo had many controversies, however the big name that was given to him into hassle changed into the concept that the solar orbiting the Earth. Older views, inherited from Ptolemy, changed into that the solar and all heavenly our bodies across the Earth, the centre of the universe. 

According to Allister McGrath (Oxford scientist and theologian) said “All effective God that works inside the constructs technological way. God and Evil can be painted together, despite the fact they are hard to apprehend – similar to mild works as waves, particles to work with each together. 

Scientists receive this, despite the fact that is very hard to apprehend this duality.” Ian Barbour (Physicist and Theologian) says: “Science and faith offer a multi-degree method to truth. Meaning Process Theology is equal to truth is a manner from beginning (ex nihilo) culminating in human consciousness.” John Polkinghorne (theoretical Physicist and C of E priest) says “Both technology and faith contain private judgement, as each cope with information/information that is primarily based totally on positive theories.” 

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