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Hubble Space Telescope: Creation, Usage and Prospects

Launched in April 24th, 1990, the motivation behind the Hubble Space Telescope is to assemble light from inestimable articles so researchers can all the more likely comprehend the universe around us. In light of the fact that the telescope went over numerous troubles, for example,...

The Story of How Hubble Telescope Came to Be

The modern telescope can gaze far into the night sky, giving scientist a picture of what lies beyond Earth. But there's a major problem with these telescopes. Their limited by the earthly atmosphere. Substances like greenhouse gasses and light pollution due to nearby cities or...

Spitzer Space Telescope and a New Way to See the Universe

Observing the universe by using infrared goggles, that’s is basically what Spitzer does. Spitzer’s infrared sensors detect heat from objects that optical telescope and our eyes can’t see. Which the newest technology, this have given us the opportunity to look right through dense clouds of...

Edwin Hubble and His Story of Becoming a Genius Astronomer

There is a simple quote that goes by, “Observations always involve theory. ” Hubble said that, and he was right. When Hubble looked through a telescope, he did not see the sky, he saw the universe. He thought there was more to our existence. He...

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