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The Legends of Bigfoot: Truth or Fiction

Dating back to 1958, Aspiring journalist Andrew Genzoil of the Humboldt Times has put the spotlight on an entertaining letter from a reader regarding loggers from northern California who sighted mysteriously large footprints. With that in mind, Genzoil imaged the absurdly large prints had the...

Legends About the Disappearances in Bermuda Triangle and Alaska

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Mysterious disappearances, planes vanishing into thin air, boats lost at sea… - While we are still trying to figure out the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, another one has emerged. - Yes folks, as it turns out, the Bermuda Triangle has a partner in crime...

Why I Don't Believe in the Existence of Bigfoot

Have you ever thought about how many people in our society TRULY believe that there is an entire species of ten-foot tall man-gorillas that have been able to hide from the U.S.A’s 327.2 million people who, somehow, haven’t caught a single clear picture or found...

Voes Bigfoot Really Exist Or Not

While science is powerful, there are some things it can’t explain. When people see, or hear, things they can’t explain, science tries to prove those things don’t exist. One of those things people have reported seeing, and scientists can’t explain, is Bigfoot—also known as Sasquatch....

Nessie and Bigfoot: Legends or Reality

Do you believe in legends? Who is more real the North American wild man bigfoot or the fearsome Loch Ness monster Nessie? These two characters are rather frightening, but are they real? The answer is this easy I don’t know. In my first paragraph I...

The Legend of Existence of Bigfoot: Truth or Lie

Introduction Stories of a creature that defied logical explanation has been roaming people’s imagination for centuries. The Sasquatch or more commonly known as the “Bigfoot” has peaked everyone's curiosity. Thousands of years the Native Americans told stories of a wild man that roamed the woods....

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