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Prevention Engineer From Corruption and Unethical Behavior

Many people use ‘corruption’ and ‘fraud’ interchangeably. The present paper asserts that these two terms need to be used distinctly. ‘Corruption’ takes place in the form of bribery, kickbacks, commissions, or other benefits without leaving any trace in the official record. In their professional work,...

Stem Cell Research: Vice Or Virtue

The advancements of contemporary stem cell research are making it possible to treat a wide range of human dysfunctions including muscular dystrophy, diabetes, baldness, blindness, deafness, and many neurodegenerative diseases. When the research emerged in the 1990’s scientists were certain that it had the power...

Case Study: Structural Health Monitoring For Bridge Structures

Structural Health Monitoring Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a method to determine integrity state of a structure and to estimate its remaining useful life on a continuous real-time basis. In the other word SHM is used for damage diagnosis, and prognosis of structures. Unlike traditional...

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