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Alexander Bell And His Innovation

Alexander Graham Bell is most well-known for his scientific breakthrough in changing how the world communicates. The invention that changed the course of history is the telephone, which allowed people to speak directly to each other through a device interconnected in a system of wires....

How Alexander Bell Invented the Telephone

Do you remember when there was no electricity, probably not. Most people can’t go without their phone for 24 hours. How about learning that the first telephone was starting to get invented in 1875, and wasn’t finished until 1877-1878. Alexander Bell was the very first...

The History of Telephone In Victorian England

The telephone contributed to, and symbolised a period of unprecedented change in scientific research, in business and most importantly, in appraisal of technology. However, I would be particularly talking about how, since the advent of telephone, technology is embraced by the people. How the Victorians...

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