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Hybrid Vehicles as a Better Alternative to the Traditional Automobiles

Ask the makers of hybrid vehicles and they will tell you it is the best invention since sliced bread (Dunn). It is a relatively new technology as hybrid vehicles are fuel-efficient incorporating the use of two motors, gasoline and electric. A hybrid vehicle is a...

The Eradication of Fossil Fuels in Hybrid Engine

Introduction The hybrid engine is, essentially, an engine that combines the principles of combustion and electric engines which allows a more efficient power output, depending on the scenario presented to it. They are used in a wide variety of modern machines, in the present time...

The Variety of Hybrid Warfare in India and Pakistan

According to the strategic war Pakistan have no defense plans against their rivals such as India the neighbor country. Pakistan become nuclear power in 1971 after developing this power Pakistan have strong defense and India tested their nuclear weapon in 1974 thus there are no...

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