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Paranormal and Supernatural: Scientific Explanation

Paranormal and Supernatural are terms generally grouped together when someone is trying to explain something that is beyond scientific explanation and the laws of nature itself. The term “Paranormal” wasn’t an official term until 1920 while the term “Supernatural” has been around since roughly 1495....

The Biography and Story of Molly Ephraim, the Heroine of Paranormal Activity

She can be described as ‘beauty with brains’, she is a young and smart American actress, her name is Molly Ephraim. She is known for her appearance in the popular ABC TV show; Last Man Standing alongside others like Law & Order, Royal Pains, Hench...

Paranormal Investigations: Waiting For The Spirits To Show

The hunt for undeniable, verifiable proof of life after death, or whatever theory we attribute to ghosts, is ongoing, with hundreds of serious groups tramping round sites every night. However, to date, the majority of the so-called evidence can easily be debunked by science or...

Analysis of Diversity in Horror Movies

Horror is arguably one of the most, if not the most, popular film genre out there. This has recently led to debate among movie fans about if horror movies are as diverse as they should be. In 2016, film critics felt that most of the...

The Blair Witch Project Marketing and Influence on the 2000’s Horror Genre

At the turn of the twenty-first century the internet was a very different place, “google” had yet to become a verb and signing on to the internet involved having a legion of robotic demons screeching through your PC. In this pre-apocalyptic wasteland of disposable AOL...

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