Paranormal Investigations: Waiting For The Spirits To Show

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The hunt for undeniable, verifiable proof of life after death, or whatever theory we attribute to ghosts, is ongoing, with hundreds of serious groups tramping round sites every night. However, to date, the majority of the so-called evidence can easily be debunked by science or common sense. We need more – more photos, more videos and more voice recordings and that’s why we carry on investigating.

Personally I’m a fan of good old fashioned placed objects, with a secure locked off camera to rule out tampering, and recently have had some minor ‘success’ with an Egely Wheel. But I’ve many friends and fellow hunters that love their high tech equipment, scoffing at those, like me, who favor the low tech approach. There’s no denying that these investigators seem to reel in some great unexplainable captures with their gadgetry, but we’re all after the same thing, so maybe there’s room for both – the low and the high tech approaches. What equipment should you pack for a night of spook busting?


There’s a great deal of speculation as to why night investigations appear to produce the best results. Our senses are certainly heightened once darkness falls, and there’s a theory that ghosts can tap into the energy that’s produced as a result. It could be that adrenaline has some effect on magnetic energy – there is less than minimal research linking these two fields. Or it could just be that there are fewer distractions from traffic or people and therefore we’re more focused. However, although ghosts may favor the dark, the living need to see where we’re putting our feet. Some venues are falling apart at the seams and without a light for guidance, can become very dangerous places. Headlamps are the best choice in most people’s opinions as they leave your hands free for checking equipment and holding meters (and snacks). So a decent headlamp, with a long battery life, is a basic necessity. Allowing you to safely explore haunted sites, you’ll find the best headlamps at Survival Marketplace.


It makes sense to have locked off, or fixed, surveillance cameras set at the locations with the most activity, or reported activity, and it’s sensible to get these up and running during the day, ready for the night ahead. If you can, video cameras feeding live to your hub work well, especially if these can be reviewed in situ, and any findings acted upon. You’ll also need small, lightweight video cameras that are simple to use in a hurry. Infa-red night vision is a great option, allowing you to film and navigate in the pitch black. No more bruised shins from walking into furniture!

EMF Meter

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This handy gadget tests the electrical magnetic fields for any fluctuations. If there is a spike and it cannot be identified as emanating from a man-made source, then it may indicate that a spirit is around and possibly trying to manifest.

Digital Recorder

Every investigation should include at least one digital recorder. With the ability to detect sub-frequencies, they can often record sounds inaudible to the human ear, and if you strike it lucky, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) in response to questions. Sometimes full sentences have been captured, but the jury is still out as to whether these are actual proof of the supernatural.

Spirit Box

Some people love ’em, some hate ’em, but spirit boxes have produced some impressive results. By using a fast sweep wave, the box isolates electromagnetic waves, and eliminates any competing radio waves. Linking the box to an audio software programme which can describe the wave forms, makes any anomalies easier to spot, especially if you are looking for responses to questions. There’s plenty more technology that, if not specifically designed for paranormal investigations, can be utilised as such, and every team has its favourites. But it must be stressed whatever your equipment – test, retest and triple test all your equipment, making sure you have extra battery packs, as we’ve all experienced inexplicably sudden power shortages.


A decidedly non-tech, but equally vital, piece of equipment that provides warmth, shelter and a time-out space is a tent. If you’re on an outside investigation, then the use of a tent is self-explanatory, but they work well for inside hunts, too. Modern tents can be erected anywhere, without the need for pegs or cables to keep them stable. With a snap-together frame, they takes seconds to put up, and can serve as a useful base for equipment, shelter – especially if the building is open to the elements, and a ‘safe-zone’ for anyone who needs a little time out.

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