Comparative Evaluation Of Mobile Devices And Computers

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“To make life easier” has been the driving force behind human evolution. Since the dawn of stone age, humanity progressed with the creation of crude stone tools which gradually refined into finer instruments like knife and spear. Slowly with the passage of time we evolved and embarked on a relentless pursuit of innovation, creation and modification which ultimately led to the creation of the revolutionary device- computer. Having humble beginning as the gigantic ENIAC to the compact desktop which in turn gave birth to laptop, the computer itself has undergone and is still undergoing innumerable tweaks and modification in its endless journey towards perfection.

Back in 1871,the year when the first computer was invented people had had to undergo major shifts in their career and had to take an important decision:either to get educated in computer or become unemployed. The computer today is an imperative part of every field of work today. Tablets are an improvement of the computer and passage of time and the development of human knowledge led to the creation of the first ever mobile phone. There is a vast difference in how both,the mobile phone and computer are culturally used. Computers are predominantly used by companies for their work due their large storage and power. They are used to store large files,keep employee record,and store client details. Mobile phones and tablets,on the other hand,are usually used for providing leisure to the user by offering services like data plans that allow net services as long as cell tower is available and come in handy if the user wants to check mails or social media.

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Now, Stating the evident differences: In terms of power and electricity,use of a computer is always a better option as smartphones and tablets run on batteries, which means they have to use power as efficiently as possible. It would not be feasible to provide raw, constant CPU power to a device powered by such a small battery. So the newest smartphone will not give you as much power as a top-of-the-line desktop computer — in the foreseeable future, anyway. Mobile devices are getting more powerful every day, but traditional computers will always have the performance edge due to consistent access to more electricity.

However,high-performance computers are usually or always plugged into a wall: they use a lot of power. Considering the scarcity of energy in the modern world today,this turns out to be a huge disadvantage for the latter. Computers also generate a lot of heat, often requiring large heat sinks (passive cooling) as well as fans or liquid cooling. Thridly,mobile phones are generally smaller as compared to computers and thus can fit into a pocket or a purse. They are designed to be taken around with you-the very definition of portable. Tablets are not as small but are extremely light and very easy to carry. Computers,on the other hand,are a work table accessory and are meant to be used in a single place. Not only are they extremely bulky but also cause a lot of strain to the users’ spinal cordLastly,21st century computers’ capacities usually exceed one Terabyte and continue to increase in size. Even the most basic computers today offer 250 Gigabytes.

Additionally,users today can always add external hard disks. Phones and tablets,on the other hand,offer an in-built storage space of 8GB to 64GB. This characteristic of mobile phones usually leads to large firms and companies depending on the former for fulfilling its commercial purposes. However today, both of these tools are existing in harmony as they compensate for what is lacking in the other. The idea of completely eliminating either of these sounds attractive but while mobiles and tablets provide us the ability to move around wherever and whenever,they can’t fully take the place of computers for everything, all of the time. For instance, if you and your team need to do a lot of data entry, or work on spreadsheets and documents, a full-size computer or large laptop with standard-size keyboard is much faster to use. Hence it might in the end be a simple mistake to try and draw a line between the laptop and the tablet. What we need to acknowledge is the inseparable bond of progress and development these two entities jointly attribute to our existence and make sure that these accessories remain a ‘tool’ in the future and do not transform into a ‘weapon’ for the citizens of the world to use.

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