Essay Samples on Robots

The Safety of Drone Transportation Of Blood Products

A robot is a programmable machine that process information from a computer but also performs physical tasks such as dangerous jobs, transporting packages, crime fighting and many more. There are also more advanced robots that use artificial intelligence like Siri. Robots are always involved in…

The Way Robots Will Improve Medicine

As Robotic technologies are revolutionizing many industries in the world, we often come across a question: ‘How are robots going to improve medicine?’. Well, telemedicine is undoubtedly the simplest answer to this question. After the first transmission of an ECG, in 1906, advancements in technology…

Atlas – The Disaster-Response Robot

Atlas is an advanced humanoid robot that was developed by Boston Dynamics for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The disaster-response robot was revealed to the public in July 2013 and used in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). Where it was put through a…

Difference Between Human And The Robot

With the development of science and technology, robots are already ubiquitous in our lives. The relationship between human and robot is getting closer. Maybe robots are getting better and more like human. But as we all know, in many ways like use function and emotions,…

Flying Robots (MAV): Design & Application

The design and development of flying robots has been currently hindered by the lack of applicability of conventional aerodynamics equations/principles to the small size vehicles flying at extremely low Reynolds number. Also, conventional optimization techniques and algorithms have shown very limited success in these applications….

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