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Byzantine Fault and Consensus Mechanism

So we have seen the types of blockchain but what makes blockchain so successful? The model is no doubt good but nothing in life is fully perfect, isn’t that so? This distributed ledger which is maintained by all, sounds like a good concept but what...

The Longevity of Bitcoin's Usage and Its Future

Rogoff’s article discusses whether the use of Bitcoin and if there is a future in the technology supporting Bitcoin and weighs on whether Bitcoin’s value is justified or if it’s a bubble waiting to burst. Bitcoin, a decentralised digital currency, has become extremely popular with...

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as a New Innovation in Economical Field

Introduction Cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer type of electronic cash, in its purest form. It allows direct transmission of online payments from one entity to another without passing through a financial institution. The network time-stamps transfer using job verification cryptography (Nian and Chuen, 2015). Bitcoin is...

Bitcoin And The External Environment

The market environment is the environment in which the business sells good and services and customers buy them from businesses. To analyze which forces impact the market environment an Environmental scan SWOT analysis and, The Porter’s 6 forces model can be performed within the business....

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